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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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students forced out of class as police surround their school in just the last few minutes, we learned about what prompted the call to police. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with breaking news on the peninsula where a high school is locked down this noontime in redwood city. summit prep charter high school on the 800 block of broadway is locked down and police have the area surrounded. want to show you a live look right now from the scene down at ground level. you can see it looks like a lot of students outside but it looks like they may be moving
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back into -- tooshed the school. they are on the move at this point. now, what we know so far is that redwood city police say they received a report around 9:30 this morning about shots fired on campus. a student ran to the school office after hearing pops. police determined the sounds were coming from nail guns at a nearby construction site. when skyfox flew over, a lot of students had been take on an area a few blocks away as a pre -- taken to an area a few blocks away as a precaution. the live picture earlier showed the picture showed the students on the move, possibly heading back to school. several streets were closed for traffic. as we get more information on the situation, we'll bring it to you during this newscast. an overnight home-invasion robbery in santa rosa turns deadly and ends with a police standoff at a nearby hospital. ktvu fox 2's tara moriarty tells us how the bizarre chain
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of events unfolded. >> reporter: at 2:00 a.m., deputies tried to coax three suspects out of a silver truck parked in front of the kaiser lot on bicentennial way. >> the suspects initially refused to exit the vehicle. after a lengthy standoff, deputies deployed less lethal gas into the suspect's vehicle. the suspects eventually exited the vehicle. one suspect had critical gunshot wounds and another subject was located deceased in the back seat of the vehicle. >> reporter: police destained the driver, one hour before police say the men tried to rob a home two miles away. >> it appears that home was targeted due to the fact that there was large quantities of marijuana being green there. >> reporter: neighbors were surprised. >> it's pretty scary. people act like it's not a big deal. but it is. this kind of stuff is happening. >> reporter: the homeowner with his wife and two small children
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heard the thieves trying to bust down the front door. he grabbed a handgun and a gun battle erupted. police say the suspects left a trail of blood behind so they knew they had been wounded. and the suspects showed up. the homeowner and his family were not hurt. police say he did act in self- defense. officers were conduct a thorough search of the home to determine if charges shoulding filed. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. vallejo police say they were forced to shoot the driver of a stolen honda after he tried to ram officers last night. it started when the honda failed to stop for police near mayfair and lassen streets around 11:20. a few blocks away, a driver went into reverse toward the officer. police say the man 23-year-old-
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year-old gerald brown was out on patrol for trying to hit officers with a car in 2012. a san francisco police sergeant received a maximum federal prison for his role in stealing money and property from drug dealers. 48-year-old ian ferminger was sentenced to 41 years in federal prison and a $25,000 fine. he was one of two southern station plain clothes officers convicted last year on charges that include bir fraud and conspiracy to violate -- fire fraud and conspiracy to violate rights. a judge called it a day of shame for law enforcement. outside court, he said he was framed by the people who came forward with the allegations. >> your child gets kidnaps, your wife gets raped, something bad happens, who is coming? me and my guys. >> he was a 20-year veteran of the department with numerous
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commendations and awards. his attorney says he plans to appeal the sentence. port workers along the west coast are scrambling to clear out a huge backlog of goods and supplies waiting to be delivered. after months of negotiations and work stoppages, the unions, reached an agreement over the weekend. brian flores is live at the port of oakland where there was a bit of a rocky start this morning. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: yeah, there was, tori. good afternoon to you. all morning long, we've seen a long line of trucks trying to unload their cargo crates on the port of oakland. normally, you would see the hustle and bustle of the port unloading and loading cargo. but this morning, even though a tentative agreement has been reached, only one vessel is being unloaded. the reason why, there is a lack of cab on rafrters -- crane operators. we've not been able to find out why that is. but just as dock workers were
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trying to work, they started to argue over break times. that disrupted full operations. full operation resumes at 7:00 p.m. tonight. this was not an issue at the other 28 west coast ports just here in oakland. the pacific maritime association which represents the shipping companies issued a statement saying it will continue to address any future work stoppages by union workers through an agreement and arbitration process. this agreement still has to be ratified but they estimate it will be at least six, eight weeks before the cargo backlog is back to normal. >> we're pleased that labor and management reached the settlement last friday night. that was long over due,
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disappointed there have been bumps along the way but look forward to full productivity tonight. >> reporter: this was the scene this morning at one of the port entrances, a long line of estimated 30 more trucks waiting to unload their caks along 7th here in -- crates along 7th here in oakland. the businesses that needs the goods and merchandise that come through. the truck drivers were also impacted. >> lost hours of work. >> reporter: how are you dealing with that? >> just having to rob peter to pay paul. >> reporter: a lot of truck drivers impacted by this impasse from the port. taking it back out here. this long line of trucks remains at one of the entrances into the port of old, they estimate 6 to 8 weeks before the backlog is back to normal. they say it's not as bad as ports in the los angeles area. they estimate at least three months of backlog to removal that cargo from that area. back to you. >> thank you for the update.
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a tanker truck overturned and burst into flames on a new jersey highway. the tanker was carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel. the fire propted authorities to evacuate homes and shut down near 90 and route 120 interchange. the driver did get out but it's still unclear if the driver was hurt. a new federal report about train derailments is renewing concerns about trains carrying crude oil through the bay area. the report came out less than a week after that derailment in west virginia that forced two towns to evacuate. it warns that more than 200 trains carrying crude oil and ethanol could derail in the u.s. in the next 20 years. that could cause $4.5 billion in damages. and if a major accident happens in a heavily populated area, more than 200 people could die. last november, ktvu reported on concerns about crude shipments.
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at that time, the state office of emergency services says california needs more real-time information on when and where the trains are traveling. there are new developments today in the battle over president obama's order meant to prevent the deportation of people brought to the u.s. as children. the justice department today requested a stay of a texas ruling that put that executive order on hold. a federal judge ruled last week to stop the derailment -- or the department of homeland security from proceeding. 26 states argue the president's move is unconstitutional. any appeal of the judge's ruling will likely take months to resolve and could find up in the u.s. supreme court. well, that executive order is playing into a fight in washington, d.c. the department of homeland security will run out of money by the end of this week unless congress works out a new spending bill. republicans say the president overstepped his authority and they want a bill that removes
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funding for the president's orders on immigration. democrats are pushing for a funding bill with no restrictions. the homeland security secretary says his agency is too important to be used as a political upon -- pon. security is being tightened at shopping malls across the u.s. after a new threat. a video released by al-shabab calls for attacks on shopping malls in the u.s., canada and britain. the video eludes to westfield shopping malls and there are three of those in the bay area, in san francisco, santa clara and san jose. authorities say there's no specific threat to those locations but there is cause for concern since al-shabab is blamed for the deadly mall attack in kenya two years ago that killed more than 65 people. >> you have groups such as al- shabab, isil publicly calling
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for independent actors in their homelands to carry out attacks. >> i'm scared. i have two little ones. i'm pregnant. coming here today i was like, i don't know. >> attack to occur in the mall of america. >> some believe it's meant as a recruitment mall since it's mentioning the mall in minnesota, home to a large somali operation. we have a correction to make. the officer was sentenced to 41 months in prison. we apologize for the mistake. arson investigators are combing through the remains of three charred vehicles. the gusty winds are trying down. a humpback while freed from
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the fishing line it had been tangled in. the tool used to cut the whale free.
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santa clara county fire investigators are searching for leads to find the pernt -- the person responsible for setting three cars on fire in campbell.
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here's cell phone video a neighbor captured of three cars engulfed in flames that were in the parking lot of the theater on winchester and bud avenue. those who live in the nearby apartment complex woke up to the sounds of the air bags exploding. firefighters quickly extend gived the flames and prevented it from spreading. there were immediate red flags. the gas cap was taken off one vehicle and jumper cables were found underneath it that did not belong to the owner. an arson investigator says the fire did not spread from one vehicle to another. all were set on fire from the inside. here's what one neighbor told us about all of the commotion. >> this kind of odd -- i heard -- it sounded like something banging or breaking. and then all of the horns went off and then i looked up and it was literally, you know, big blaze of fire. i believe truly someone actually started it. i didn't see anything. >> investigators say it does not appear anything was stolen out of the vehicles. at this point, it's unknown if
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the person responsible is trying to steal gas, the cars or just wanted to start a fire. all three car owners either lived in the neighboring complex or were visiting someone there. ktvu is, once again, the proud sponsor of "we day." bay area students earn a seat at this free concert and event by committing to making positive change on a local or global level. we tant to introduce you -- we want you to introduce amber elementary. schools are working hard to cure their spot. >> reporter: this is what every 6th grader hopes to be able to attend. in order to be able to attend, each school must have a local, global charity. they've been working toward that. >> what we've been doing to raise money, we wanted to
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capitalize on the holiday and sell valentine's grams. >> reporter: this year, they chose clean water and sanitation for ghana. >> i think "we day" and free the children has added another component to stress the important of community service. >> reporter: this little boy is a firm believer. >> it makes me feel good. i'm doing something good for the earth and to help my community. >> reporter: miss williams and a few of her students were headed to the elementary school to help sell some of those grams. >> they had barely set up when customers were lining up. >> this one. >> reporter: by anyone's standards, they did a great job, a grand total of $1,222. >> this one is my heart because when you raise money for people you just know that you are doing something good for someone.
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>> reporter: someone you don't even know but care about anyway. >> reporter: mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the coast guard performed several rescues yesterday out on the bay because of windy weather and chopping waters. mock those rescued six people on an outrigger canoe off christiecy island -- chrissy island. crews rescued two people on board a 15-foot sailboat that capsized near tiburon. mose mare -- rosemary joins us with the forecast. is the wind dying down? >> slowly, tori. give you a live look into san francisco, where the wind is creating great visibility. what a gorgeous view. the temperatures are slightly cooler. the wind advisory for our bay area hills has expired but the national weather service out of sacramento has actually continued the wind advisory
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right through the carquinez strait and the delta and you can see fairfield still gusting to 36 miles per hour. so this will continue for the afternoon and those areas. the rest of us still, pretty good breeze. 28 miles per hour. the gust in napa, 25 reported in santa rosa. oakland about 24, 25 at the airport. we shift farther south, mountain view, 18 miles an hour, a gust here. san jose, livermore, areas around hayward gusting to 25. for today, mostly sunny skies. temperatures a little on the cool side. the breeze weather will continue for at least half of the day. it will continue to die down as we get into the evening hours. this is the source right here. it's been dropping down right along the border of california and nevada since yesterday helped to king up the winds. central and southern california has picked up a little bit of rain. our sierra picked up snow. you can see some snow flurries here falling over mammoth as well as yosemite. but coming home we've been mostly sunny. a few clouds rolling in here just on the east side but wind
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is definitely what we've seen. giving you a look at what you can expect for today. the winds are continuing. mostly sunny skies. as this storm continues to push off to the east, our winds will begin to relax. when our winds relax, this cold, drier air will settle in. the warming trend is expected for the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s in oakland, hayward, 58 for redwood city, 57 in novato. if you look to the south, 58 in san jose. afternoon highs for today, believe it or not, still above average for this time of year, low to mid-60s. even a few upper 60s expected for the afternoon. 66 san jose. 66 for redwood city city the extended forecast so cold overnight lows mostly sunny, mild afternoon highs all the way through the business week. i don't want to push you into the weekend. because that's when we'll finally get our next chance at
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rain. it doesn't look like a whole lot. but it looks like we may -- >> and we're close enough where you are fairly confident. i know these ten-day forecasts are a little dicey. >> it looks like it. a humpback whale in hawaii is now free after being entangled for a week. the marine sanctuary said crews were able to saw the line three using a pole with a knife. from this view, you can see the ropes wrapped around the whale's tail. it was first spotted february 13th about ten days ago off the big island. experts say the whale could have drowned or starved. the big wins in hollywood and a call for social justice during an acceptance speech. [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked.
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[ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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falling oil prices pushing stocks lower on wall street today. though apple shares are up over 2% on news the iphonemaker will invest 2 billion in data centers in denmark and ireland. the dow is down 61. the nasdaq down 10 and the s&p down 6. the movie "birdman" took top honors but they shared the love with big prizes spread out among other films. bob decastro has all of the
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highlights from the big night. >> reporter: birdman soared above the competition at the 87th annual academy awards taking the top prize, the coveted best picture oscar. >> it's important to me. >> reporter: it tied with the grand budapest hotel earning four awards each. no surprise in the lead acting categories, eddie redmayne won. >> this feels like a wild, weird dream like i will wake up. >> julymy -- julianne moore. >> reporter: and julianne moore for "still alice." >> at end of the day, it's work that i love that's been so rewarding. this is just amazing. >> 1, 2, 3. >> reporter: the supporting winners didn't disappoint. jk simmons fon in whiplash and
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patricia arket included a shotout -- shoutout for women ee-- equality. neil patrick harris's song and dance show set the stage for the moving performances. lady gaga sang a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the song of music. and "glory" got a tearful ovation. >> the best director went to it's -- >> good luck charm. i'm wearing the real michael keaton, tighty whities. changes for people who work late or go out to restaurants and bars in san francisco. this afternoon, city officials expect to unveil a new plan for
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public transportation in san francisco that runs late at night or early in the morning. we're speaking with city leaders about the plan and we'll have more tonight on the fox 2 news at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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- ))er] : on this episode of xploration outer space, a look at some of the most extreme events happening deep in the cosmos from supernovas to gamma ray bursts to one of the strangest objects found in the universe, black holes. we examine the life and death of stars and the dramatic impact that's left behind next on xploration outer space. welcome to xploration outer space, i'm emily callendrelli. we're here at the space telescope science institute in baltimore, maryland. it's one of our stops today to examine stellar death the end of a star.


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